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Other consulting firms rarely divulge details as to who is working on what aspect of your campaign.

If you have two months to election day or a year or more,
we have a solution where you can delegate those roles integral to a successful campaign to the consultants of your choice, who are best choice for you and your constituency.

At PoliticalVIP, this isn't a guessing game.


Other consulting firms send someone to your door and then go through their presentation with an intention to ask for your signature.
They want total control of your campaign. They charge $5,000 to $100,000 per month and more, Oftentimes, without your understand who is working in the background on your campaign.

Have you ever wondered what exactly was being done on your campaign behind the scenes?

You should have satisfaction knowing your campaign is in capable hands.

PoliticalVIP discloses who works on each aspect of your campaign.

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Research consultant biographies and then choose who you work with. We disclose the number of hours committed to your campaign right up front and we have financing with Sweet Pay.

Book a 1/2 hour to interview one of our VIP Consultants and then decide for yourself.
Our consultants will arrange to meet you in a group setting if you that is what you want.

If you are just getting started and are on a budget, pay by-the-hour to get started.

Your consultant can advise on who else on the VIP Team can help with social media, scheduling, fundraising and more.