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Development Program Evaluation

Fundraising campaigns are a serious focus and take a lot of effort for any political campaign or nonprofit. We can help you stay focused while following a path to achieve your goals.

As a bonded and registered third party solicitor of charitable contributions, we can help you raise those large donations today.

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At PoliticalVIP, we help our clients in developing successful strategies and a plan for soliciting large donors, sourcing the right contacts, state-of-the-art collateral packaging, staff training and preparation, and building valuable connections to finally solicit the request. 

PoliticalVIP can help you prepare for challenges that may come up while providing attention to detail so that as issues arise, we can provide you with the tools to move through them.  We will assist with the process, level-by-level while analyzing our progress as a team as we go. We will begin this journey alongside your campaign or non-profit and work as a team.  We will work together until our goals which are yours are accomplished.

If you are planning to fundraise or are in the middle of a campaign, it would be a good time for a (development program evaluation.)

Key leaders, personnel, and leaders of your organization can provide the marketing materials and an activities list which will help us formulate an analysis so that we can then create a tailored strategy.  

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By conducting meetings and talking with those who are actively involved, we can evaluate the existing organizational structure.  Once we have the data and information, we can provide you with the recommendations to make your operations more efficient.  We will create an (Action-Proposal) your organization can use to become more effective which will also be a guide for the next one to five years.

Campaign Fundraising
Strategists and Consultants

Justin Rossetti

Steve Mitchell

VIP Consultant

Campaign Fundraising, National Recognized Expert Pollster and Election Analyst

oren levin-waldman

Demographic Specialist

Adept at identifying different groups around the country that share your organizations’ views and would be inclined to donate.


Justin Rossetti

Dwayne Bickford

VIP Consultant

Campaign Fundraising, Campaign Management, Election Strategy, and Coalition Building

Dwayne Bickford

Jim Burton

VIP Consultant

Campaign Fundraising, International Political and Policy Analysis, Surveys and Research

Dwayne Bickford

Justin Rossetti

David Washington

VIP Consultant

Campaign Fundraising, Campaign Management, Campaign Strategy and Minority Engagement

Justin Rossetti

Robert Gray


Campaign Fundraising, PAC/501c Startup & Management, Data & Quality Management Operations, and Organizational Structuring

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