Adam Roosevelt

Roosevelt, an active member of the NRCC 218 program manages relations with members of congress, coordinates fundraising and supports policy efforts to achieve results for defense, foreign affairs, and National Security. Known for his analysis on current events as a frequent television guest for Fox News, OANN, BNC and other news networks is a former Republican Nominee for Virginia’s House of Delegates in Legislative District 49. Roosevelt served in the U.S. Military and deployed to Afghanistan to support two (2) campaigns. Roosevelt leverages his skills as a key negotiator derived from military service where he served as a special aid to senior leadership for NATO relations during wartime.

Areas of expertise

  • Campaign Messaging-Strategy
  • Republican Engagement (Coalition building)
  • Donor Management
  • Marketing
  • Voter Acquisition


If you have questions or would prefer a discussion prior to booking Adam Roosevelt , please call the office at 303-658-9277 or email for all booking related questions.