Cameron Salo

Cameron Salo with a degree in Political Science has successfully furthered the efforts of Congressmen and Councilmen, nonprofits, and political consulting firms.  Salo’s belief that long lasting connections with voters and donors provides value.  Grassroots campaigning, going door-to-door, making phone calls, and contacting voters through various methods are still high on Salo’s list for a well-rounded campaign.  A full-time political consultant in the Greater Austin Area, Salo’s experience includes working with representative staff on multiple campaigns and government levels. Salo has developed game plan strategies for winning elections and successful campaigns. Salo is passionate about bringing infrastructure and accessibility to healthcare.

Areas of expertise

  • Field Operations
  • Fund Raising
  • Training Staff
  • Event Planning
  • Policy Research
  • Grassroots Campaigning


If you have questions or would prefer a discussion prior to booking Cameron Salo, please call the office at 303-658-9277 or email for all booking related questions.