Michael Ferguson

Ferguson is a former Connecticut State Representative. While in office, he was the youngest member of the State House of Representatives having been elected at 25 years old. Michael has extensive local and state political campaign experience. Having been a successful candidate for both state and municipal office, as well as having worked for various campaigns for the past decade, he is particularly strong with creating a successful campaign strategy, crafting a positive message, knowing how to target certain voters, developing effective materials, and understanding the importance of a grassroots, door to door campaign.

Areas of expertise

  • Campaign strategy and messaging
  • Targeting voters
  • Grassroots campaigning
  • Door knocking
  • Campaign materials (ie: mailers, palm cards)


If you have questions or would prefer a discussion prior to booking Michael Ferguson, please call the office at 303-658-9277 or email consultants@politicalvip.com for all booking related questions.