WHY CHOOSE our consultants?

Political VIP’s

Seasoned veterans in the business with more than ten full years of paid experience, well-rounded in most areas of political and/or organizational consulting and able to assist you in propelling your campaign to the next level from start to finish.


Experienced professionals who have worked with political leaders and organizations in a variety of areas including law, analytics, polling, and specialty fields such as prison reform, minority policy and education.


Consultants who have worked at least five full years in the field as a paid campaign worker hired for various tasks including data research, voter database building, making telephone calls, door-knocking, analytics and more.



Bill Bryan

Legal Council and Public Relations

Attorney specializing in Election Law, Lobbying and Public Relations

Territory coverage : Nationwide

Bill Bryan is a VIP Consultant at PoliticalVIP. A sought after licensed Attorney and highly esteemed within his field, Bryan’s expertise includes campaign and election law, emergency management and governmental relations.

Robert Gray

Director of Operations

Operations and Organizational Structuring

Territory coverage : Nationwide

Robert Gray is Director of Operations. Gray is also an advisor to nonprofit leaders and organizations who desire growth and operations management. Gray works directly with the CEO pertaining to matters of corporate planning.

Rick Disney

Director of Corporate Development

Non-Profit Solutions, Veterans Affairs, Campaign Strategy

Territory coverage : Nationwide

Rick Disney is a Political Strategist and Director of Corporate Development at PoliticalVIP.

Disney has been a Senior Advisor to U.S. Congressional Campaigns in North Carolina and South Carolina.  Rick was selected to the United States House of Representatives’ Veterans Advisory Committee for two offices in Florida and has participated in numerous media engagements including television, digital, radio, and opinion editorials. 

Albert Trombetta

Director of Global Marketing

American and International Communications, Organizational Relationship Building and Business Development

Territory coverage : Nationwide

Albert Trombetta Albert Trombetta is the Director of Global Marketing at PoliticalVIP.  Trombetta’s expertise includes marketing strategies and communications. Strategic planning within the company incorporates consulting organization leadership and assistance in negotiations and advisement based on corporate needs. Trombetta assists in team organization and business development. 

Dwayne Bickford

VIP Consultant

Campaign Management, Election Strategy and Coalition Development

Territory coverage : Nationwide

Dwayne Bickford is a VIP Consultant with PoliticalVIP. For the last 12 years, Bickford has been an advocacy consultant and ballot initiative manager for a wide array of public policy initiatives and projects around the county and overseas.

Jim Burton

American and International Relations, Campaign Strategies

International Political and Policy Analysis, Surveys and Research

Territory coverage : Nationwide

Jim Burton is a VIP Consultant at PoliticalVIP and an accomplished political strategist, communicator, pollster, and researcher. For over two decades, he has worked with campaigns at the international, federal, and local levels, as well as for Fortune 500 companies in public affairs research, crisis management, and public policy battles on a wide range of topics.

Michael Ferguson

Political Campaign Strategist and Operations Management

Campaign Strategy, Voter Analytics and Research

Territory coverage : Nationwide

Michael Ferguson is a Lead Strategist at PoliticalVIP and a successful strategist and researcher. Ferguson, a former Connecticut State Representative was the youngest member of the State House having been elected at 25 years old. Ferguson’s areas of expertise includes campaign strategy development, messaging, voter targeting operations and advertising.

Oren M. Levin-Waldman

Political Consultant, Labor Economist and Data Analyst

Data Scientist, Community Trends & Demographics Expert and Author

Territory coverage : Nationwide

Oren M. Levin-Waldman is a  VIP Specialist at PoliticalVIP. As a Labor Economist and Former Professor, Levin-Waldman has served at prestigious universities like Rutgers University, Newark and New School University in New York.

Steve Mitchell

Political Consultant, Expert Pollster and Election Analyst

National Recognized Expert Pollster and Election Analyst

Territory coverage : Nationwide

Steve Mitchell is VIP Consultant at PoliticalVIP. Mitchell was on the national staff of Reagan-Bush 84. Mitchell assigned all voter programs and acted as Chief Spokesperson for the President’s re-election campaign in Washington State. Mitchell is a nationally recognized expert on polling and has provided services to corporate, political, association and media clients in more than 40 states.

Mitch Richter

Issues Advocacy, Lobbying and Legislative Strategy

Lobbying, Ballot Initiatives, Legislative Strategy

Territory coverage : Nationwide

Mitch Richter is a Specialist with Political VIP. A former South Dakota legislator serving four terms with four years as the Chairman of Appropriations, Richter now has more than two decades experience lobbying for a variety of clients on topics such as education, agriculture, healthcare, and a variety of social issues. 

David Washington

Political Consultant, Minority Mobilizer and Campaign Strategist

Campaign Management, Staffing and Fundraising

Territory coverage : Nationwide

David Washington is a VIP Consultant with PoliticalVIP specializing in Campaign Management, Campaign Staffing, Fundraising, and Minority Outreach and Mobilization. Washington is a Navy Veteran and Graduate of Norfolk State University with more than 16 years of experience in the field of politics at the local, state and federal level.


Brady Bowyer


Campaign Management, Campaign Finance,  FEC Compliance Specialist

Territory coverage : Nationwide

Brady Bowyer is a Strategist at PoliticalVIP. With more than ten years of experience across the political spectrum, Brady has the skills and know-how to guide your campaign from the filing date through election night.  


John Brison


Field Operations,  Volunteer/Staff Recruitment and Training, Campaign Strategy

Territory coverage : Nationwide

John Brison is a Strategist at PoliticalVIP and his expertise includes speech writing, voter identification and volunteer/staff recruitment and training. Brison has worked on successful campaigns at the Congressional, State, and Local levels for more than a decade.  

Emma Babb


Experienced Voter Outreach and Volunteer and Staff Supervision

Territory coverage : Nationwide

Emma Babb is a Republican Strategist with PoliticalVIP. Babb specializes in Voter Outreach techniques. With hands on experience in voter outreach, Babb will help you contact potential voters and gain support in your campaign. 

Bobby Caldwell


Grassroots Manager, Opposition Researcher and Candidate Tracker

Territory coverage : Nationwide

Bobby Caldwell is a Strategist with PoliticalVIP. Caldwell specializes in Grassroots Management, Opposition Research, Voter Registration, Campaign Staff Training, and Candidate Tracking. Caldwell has extensive experience in training staff and volunteers for campaigns and analyzing the data they collect to maximize their impact with key voters.


Volunteer and Staff Training and Voter Analytics

Territory coverage : Nationwide

Anders W. Edwardsson is a Strategist with PoliticalVIP. Born in Sweden who has been engaged in political campaigning both in the United States and Europe. As a former professor and syndicated columnist with multiple published works, Edwardsson specializes in political analysis and training of campaign staff and volunteers.  


Compliance Policy Development & Training, Data Management, HR/Recruitment Strategy

Territory coverage : Nationwide

Colton Finch is a Strategist with PoliticalVIP. Finch has experience working extensively on back-end policy development for high level political action committees developing internal policy to comply with legal guidelines while maintaining a rapid pace and reaching organizational objectives. 


Expert Media Relations, Campaign Strategy, Reporter and Researcher

Territory coverage : Nationwide

Susan Laielli is a Political Strategist and Media Specialist with PoliticalVIP. Laielli works to establish contacts and secure relationships between the company, political figures and influential media outlets.  Laielli is a true professional who will work hard to focus on campaign and organizational objectives. 

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