our key leaders


Sue Rose

As President of the company, Rose’s responsibility is to manage operations while ensuring quality leadership is in place. Rose works with the political consultants within the company to ensure services are provided at the highest level. For over 25 years, Rose has developed long-term relationships with organizations and political figures.
As VP of Domestic and Foreign Relations, Roosevelt works to establish contracts and secure relationships between the company, political figures and government entities. Roosevelt is a highly accomplished and skilled executive with a wide range of expertise including Information Security, IT Operations and Cyber Risk Management. Known for his military and governmental experience, Roosevelt has earned a reputation in foreign relations, trade and business negotiations, and campaign policy initiatives.
As VP of Professional Engagement, Katz’s focus is to develop strong relationships with campaigns and consultants while advising PoliticalVIP on training and development to achieve and maintain brand recognition and reputation. Having 35 years of combined expertise specializing in law, business and campaign development, Katz is well-known for managing political campaigns and government related practices at local and national levels.
As VP of Communications, Gray is responsible for communications between leadership and operations. Gray also works to establish targeted communications efforts domestically while advising leadership of key organizations where company efforts should be directed. Having a background working in PAC and 501(c)(4) operations, Gray’s proven expertise benefits the company.

Jewel Balmaceda

VP Marketing
As VP of Marketing, Balmaceda supervises the PoliticalVIP Data Team and Marketing Department. Balmaceda’s experience working as supervisor and in the fields of web development, digital marketing and graphic design provides the edge that benefits the company.