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As a Labor Economist and Former Professor, Levin-Waldman has served at prestigious universities like  Rutgers University, Newark and New School University in New York.  Levin-Waldman has authored numerous papers and other scholarly publications.

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Levin-Waldman Report Summaries

Where does the Public Really Stand

On the Issue of Guns?

The End of Title 42: 

What Both the Public and Policymakers need to know About the Immigration Issue

The nation is once again debating gun control, and Congress may actually be on the cusp of passing minor revisions to the nation’s gun laws. Still, at the extremes of each party, both appear to have dug in their heels. And yet, these two extremes appear to be out of sync with a majority of public opinion on the issue. This report presents data on the public’s positions on guns and new legislation for addressing the issue of gun violence following the 2020 election. In this report, the country is specifically divided into blue states and red states based on the 2020 blue state/red state map. Here the data shows that neither side of the debate is fully in touch with issues of gun access, changing existing laws, and bans on assault weapons.

As Title 42 is about to expire, the country finds itself with a serious crisis along the southern border. Title 42 is a COVID era regulation promulgated by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) which says that the U.S. government can remove those coming from countries with communicable diseases. It effectively allows the government to block migrants from entering and to deport those who have entered. Because Congress has failed to come up with a comprehensive immigration policy to fix a broken system, the federal government has effectively hid behind Title 42.