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PoliticalVIP partners with A.R. International Consulting, LLC a leading international business intelligence company with worldwide reach.  We provide company, banking, and personal due diligence, asset searches, and litigation support, competitive intelligence, and country risk analysis, among other services. 

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A.R. International Consulting

We specialize in cases which involve conducting opposition research and working with our clients to develop information and dissemination strategies. 

Through our international network of sources in a variety of industries, government agencies, and financial communities, we have helped many clients conduct opposition research in a number of locations.

The fact we let you choose who you work with makes all the difference.

We have offices in Washington, D.C. (Americas); Nicosia, Cyprus (Europe & Russia & Middle East) and Cape Town, South Africa (Africa). We have offices in Dubai (the Gulf States and Asia) and field offices in remote jurisdictions.

ARIC has a network of skilled investigators and experts in North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa, Russia and the former Soviet Republics.

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Adam Roosevelt

Foreign Relations, Trade and Business Negotiations, Campaign Policy Initiatives.

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ARIC will provide all services and technologies using an expert team of analysts with career backgrounds in data collection, analysis, forensics, and investigations. ARIC's team is comprised of high-level former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other intelligence agency analysts.

Enhanced Due Diligence

SEC Filings Review & Lobbying Records

As part of this step, we will conduct a comprehensive review of the SEC documentation & Lobbying Records to gain further insight into the representatives' relations

Review of The Foundation For Accountability & Civic Trust & Other Source Material

Corporate Affiliations Check

As part of this step, we will conduct a comprehensive database check as well as media and online searches with the aim of identifying additional corporate affiliations of the executive in the USA. Records will be obtained to confirm the current and past directors and shareholders of the entity. Furthermore, we will aim to review and analyze pertinent data to position the client.

Financial Standing of the Executive

As part of this step, we will attempt to clarify the subject’s financial standing through several checks, including insolvency, security interests, professional licenses, amongst others.

Civil litigation Check

As part of this step, we will attempt to determine whether the company and/or the the executive has been involved in any litigation proceedings in the USA.

Property Check or other Immovable or Movable Assets

As part of this step, we will aim to determine whether the company or the executive directly owns any real estate in the USA.

Validation of Corporate Affiliations

As part of this step, we will review and analyze all available filings of the company, including basic registration information, current and past directors, as well as current and past shareholders. Furthermore, we will aim to identify subsidiaries of the company and other associations.

Financial Standing of the Company

As part of this step, we will obtain and review any annual/financial reporting made by the company with the aim of uncovering leads to its operations, turnover, assets, and debts, if any. Furthermore, additional searches will be conducted to determine whether the company holds any licenses, intellectual property rights, trademarks, or other security interests.

In-depth Media and Social Media Review

During this initial phase, researchers will review and analyze online and social media on the subject. The aim of this step would be to understand the subjects’ activities and reputation in the local business circles. Furthermore, as part of this step, we will aim to determine whether there are any red flags regarding their dealings

Sanctions and Watchlists

As a part of this step we, will compile a debrief of the candidate which includes voting history,committee assignments, sponsored bills, negative PR, political organization members, and major donor and or supporting organizations.

Political Candidate Debrief (optional)

Business Intelligence Brief (optional)

As a part of this step we, will compile a debrief of the business which includes M&A strategic intelligence, investors, Poltical ties, & supporting organizations.
History and legal background of the “Subject”, Understanding current operations, Management background, SWOT Analysis, Value Chain Analysis, Industry Analysis, Risk Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, Bankers information, Financial statement & analysis, D&B Rating, Company Details, D&B Risk Assessment, Operations Synopsis, Financial Statements, Comparative Financials, Statement of Comprehensive Income, Statement of FInancial Position, Statement of Cashflows, Key Ratios, Financial Analysis, Profitability Analysis, Liquidity Analysis, Efficiency Analysis, Solvency Analysis, DU PONT, Benchmarks, Director & Executive Details, Purchase & Sales Details, Major Customers and Suppliers, Other Operational Details, Capacity & Production Output, & Group Entities

D & B Report

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