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Corporate Overview


PoliticalVIP.com sees many advantages to having a database of consultants aligning themselves with us on this journey to provide excellence in service.  

PoliticalVIP.com serves nonprofits and other organizations. Republican, Democratic, other political parties as well as public officials and candidates running for office.  The typical political candidate does not always have the funds to secure those consulting firms who require thousands of dollars to sign you on as a client. To “try them out” before you buy is not usually an option.


The fact we let you choose who you work with makes all the difference.

Consulting as a service is a necessary part of building or reshaping your organizations membership and political campaign. 

PoliticalVIP.com is affordable, flexible and by-the-hour.

Affiliate Brands

Civic Kitty helps donors understand their organizations purpose and how valuable they are. We specialize in outreach while providing access to a database of helpful community resources to your membership. Our Database of political, civic and charitable organizations are listed on CivicKitty.com, and on our mobile App’s for iPhone and Android.

Your organization can be listed on the site in the appropriate category.

 PoliticalMeetings.com’s data teams consistently work to update Republican, Democratic and other group meetings nationwide.  Candidates, Public Officials and Organizations may utilize this feature to promote future meetings or as an educational tool for voters, organizations and their membership. PoliticalMeetings.com helps consulting firms and organizations grow by providing exposure to those who are active voters involved in the political process