Company Overview

PoliticalVIP offers Political
and Organization Consulting

We are expert media buyers and can establish your image based on data research.

We bolster communications between governments and assist in negotiations. 

Domestically and Internationally, PoliticalVIP has consultants who are recognized in the industry for winning elections. 

As a Public Official or Organization,
you need the right fit.

Countries we have worked in

statutes of service

Our company provides assurances that we work  hard to represent clients whose integrity is in check by following the PoliticalVIP Statutes of Service. 


Are the motives of the organization or campaign ethical beyond question? 


Are the campaign or organizational goals, tone, and public statements respectful?


Is the organization or campaign agenda based on facts and is information provided to the public in a non-biased manner? 

PoliticalVIP serves:

  1. Public Officials
  2. Election Campaigns
  3. Political Parties
  4. Non-profit Organizations
  5. International and Domestic Clients

You can choose which consultant you work with. 

Call us today for a twenty-minute discovery meeting or book an hour with a consultant of your choice. 

Click on “Consultants” to find out more.

Pay for the services you need and not the services we want to sell.

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Civic Kitty helps donors understand their organization’s purpose and how valuable they are. We specialize in outreach while providing access to a database of helpful community resources to your membership. Our database of political, civic, and charitable organizations is listed on Your organization can be listed on the website in the appropriate category.

ABOUT POLITICALMEETINGS.COM’s data teams consistently work to update Republican, Democratic, and other group meetings nationwide. Candidates, Public Officials, and Organizations may utilize this feature to promote future meetings or as an educational tool for donors. Find out how can build your organization while conducting a fundraising campaign at the same time.