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Our consultants have over 500 years of experience, combined. We require our Executive Consultants to have a minimum of ten years experience and a proven track record. 

PoliticalVIP expertise includes work in over 37 countries, lobbying, corporate and business development. We have a big-media buyer on staff and work with key individuals within pre-roll and targeted advertising. Our data research team is led by a high level manger with over thirty years experience. 



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Our leadership team

Sue Rose


Rose studied Business Administration at Truett McConnell University in Georgia and held a Series 7 Finra license for five years with Signator Investors. Rose, an entrepreneur and real estate broker for over 25 years has worked as a federal contractor and business owner.  In her work with public and private sector clients, expertise in economic development is a focus for international markets. For over 25 years, Rose has developed long-term relationships with organizations and political figures beneficial in building bridges for stakeholders. 

Rose is responsible for leading the company and is adept at improving the functionality of teams. Her background in executive sales guides her in the management of PoliticalVIP’s business development. Previous clients of Rose include Walmart, Home Depot, Citibank, the Government Publishing Office and the United States Military. 

Sue Rose remains neutral and is Non-partisan.

Bill Bryan


Bryan, B.S. Communications, J.D. is an Election Attorney who advises leadership on financial risk and compliance. Bryan was the Louisiana Press Secretary for the Clinton/Gore ’96 Campaign and has worked with FEMA and the DOJ on implementing disaster relief programs. Bryan also worked for NBC and WAFB-TV as a Capital Correspondent. 

Bryan provides insight pertaining to services and products offered, consultation on legal risk and assists in providing direction in intricate business transactions. 

Bill Bryan founded the Independent Party of Louisiana.

Michael Ferguson


Ferguson, B.A. Political Science, M.A. History was a former Connecticut State Representative who was the youngest member of the State House having been elected at 25 years old. Ferguson, a Professor of History and Political Science works in his role to provide expertise that includes incorporating communications, operations, and a political strategy when advising stakeholders. in advising the team on a roadmap to political success for public and private sector clients. Areas of expertise include public policy and reputation management. Ferguson is an avid speaker and is on the board and advisor on several committees.
Michael Ferguson is registered as a member of the Republican Party.

Albert Trombetta


Trombetta studied Political Science at Monterey Peninsula College in California. Trombetta is the media contact for the company and his role in promoting PoliticalVIP, his goal is to accomplish building political consensus for legislative support and coordinating with industry and governments in formulating strategies and enhancing communications. 

Trombetta conducts research on behalf of senior leadership providing insights on opportunities internationally where PoliticalVIP considers partnerships with stakeholders. Economic and Business Development are in high demand in countries where American development and commercial industry are a necessity. 


Albert Trombetta is a registered with the Democratic Party. 

David Washington


David Washington, B.A. Political Science is a Corporate and Political Strategist with a focus on providing marketing and lobbying strategies that work. Washington’s experience working in executive roles and operations within the corporate structure and building relationships with elected officials to provide insights on public opinion are his expertise. Washington served as an advisor to companies and organizations advocating for disabled Veterans, Voting Rights, Fair Housing and Clean Energy. As a Navy Veteran and Graduate of Norfolk State University With more than 16 years of experience in the field of politics at the local, state, and federal level, Washington has connections that are integral to achieving results for the private sector.
David Washington is a member of the Democratic Party.

Robert Gray


Robert Gray, B.S. International Business & Logistics benefits clients with his experience working in PAC and 501(c)(4) operations. Gray is an expert at communications and works with leadership and other consultants to make sure that there are no gaps and that any campaign needs are met with the appropriate talent.
Gray advises leadership on key organizations where company efforts can be directed. Gray also plays a key role in the development of the company and works to ensure that documentation and procedures are followed.
Robert Gray is aligned with the Libertarian Party.

Gray advises leadership on key organizations where company efforts can be directed. Gray also plays a key role in the development of the company and works to ensure that documentation and procedures are followed

Robert Gray is aligned with the Libertarian Party.

statutes of service


Clients motives must be ethical beyond question.

The public statements of our Clients must be respectful. 

Clients agenda must be based on facts and the information provided to the public is in a Non-partisan manner. 


principals of impartiality

Our Leadership Team is strategic in guiding and directing the business.