Qualitative and Quantitative Solutions

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Public opinion is the driving force that can dictate whether your project is successful.  Our company will execute a plan to bring together a broad representation of a target audience in one room.  By interacting in-person, our experts can design strategies that pinpoint the needs and wants of the populous or specific audience that you want to target. We believe that research and data analytics are an important part of understanding what you audience thinks, feels and wants. PoliticalVIP will create a solution that is designed specifically with your goals in mind. 

PoliticalVIP works with clients to develop a research plan to meet the client’s objective and to collect the data that will provide the client with the appropriate information to make informed decisions. 

Our team has decades of experience conducting public opinion research across the globe.  The team has been involved in research for Presidential campaigns, Fortune 500 companies, crisis management, public affairs, and ballot initiatives.  Each research project is unique and no study is the same.  From conducting one-on-one in-depth-interviews to conducting large quantitative tracking studies PoliticalVIP is a trusted partner and stands by its research and its analysis.

Your Public Image

Our task oriented team will use data analytics to render real-time statistics useful in defining a qualitative analysis. PoliticalVIP will utilize the resulting data to develop a roadmap that can help shape public opinion for products, people and causes. 

We use our data to construct a road-map to success.  


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  • Press Releases
  • Sponsorships
  • Public Affairs-Negotiations-Lobbying
  • Media Management