If you want to surround yourself with reputable people within this industry, you have come to the right place.

WORKING AT politicalvip

With all the varying backgrounds, political beliefs and talents, our commitment to providing the very best in service is unanimous. We work hard with a focus on quality and completing tasks in a timely manner.  We enjoy a culture where everyone has an opportunity to provide input, expand on ones skillset and to truly enjoy the work on each project.


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Our values
Equality and diversity

At PoliticalVIP, our greatest strength is our team of dedicated consultants. We believe diversity in backgrounds and areas of expertise provides a better opportunity for success. 

Headed by our CEO,  we work to help attract the best talent and foster a cohesive and determined task oriented team who succeeds. 

Professional Development

At PoliticalVIP, We encourage an attitude where consultants and staff have the opportunity to work in a direction which suits them and reflects their growth goals.