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Welcome to PoliticalVIP, International

PoliticalVIP is a leading international, corporate and government affairs company with worldwide reach.  We are growing our international affiliations.  Through our international network of sources in a variety of industries, government agencies, and financial communities, we can help clients conduct opposition research in a number of locations.  It is now a financial imperative for companies to actively protect their public perception in addition to focusing on matters such as profits. 

Our team will review and analyze online and social media on the person or entity of interest.  A thorough evaluation would be conducted and a final report would provide the subject’s activities and connections as well as the reputation in local and international business circles.

By leveraging decades of know-how in both the public and private sectors, we have the ability to navigate choppy waters with regard to relations globally.  We provide company and personal due diligence, asset searches, and litigation support, competitive intelligence, and country risk analysis, among other services.  We can turn threats into strengths, and strengths into a decisive competitive edge. 

Global relations are challenging and we are not daunted because we believe that although there is shifting in economic drivers, opportunities that would  not otherwise exist are popping up almost daily.  Our goal is to create success that breeds more opportunity.  Book an appointment today to learn more.   

Our team

Jim Burton

-International Affairs

Burton’s advice has helped groups  internationally to find or sustain success in markets by analyzing the entity operations.  PoliticalVIP can propose improvements or launch an entire campaign.  Burton was honored by Campaigns and Elections as a member of the best international campaign of 2014 for his work on the successful Panamanian Presidential election. He has worked in over thirty states and his international experience includes work in Afghanistan, Burma, Cambodia, Iraq, Panama, the Philippines, Thailand, Timor-Leste, and New Zealand.  

Albert Trombetta

-Director Global Marketing

Trombetta seeks situations internationally where PoliticalVIP can offer consulting or other services all designed to accomplish agendas such as building political consensus for legislative support or coordinating with industry and government in formulating strategies and enhancing communications.  Trombetta conducts opposition research on international entities whose interests may align with corporate goals and works with leadership to facilitate business opportunities.  His experience includes research, messaging, management of teams and creative strategies. 

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