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We enable our clients to realize success in-action so they can provide good news to their stake-holders.

Welcome to PoliticalVIP, Wilmington NC

Medicaid fraud, the Opioid crises, Robocalls and more plague North Carolina residents. Corporate and government interests work to develop strategies that they hope deals with these ever growing problems while working to satisfy consumers and not “lose them” for concerns related to “trust.” This is where PoliticalVIP intervenes.  No simple guide exists to navigate this unprecedented time of constantly shifting geopolitical climate, technological advances and cultural trends.  Regardless of the sector you represent, in an age of political division, there can be consequences to the reputation and financially if threats are not turned into positives. 

We take pride in the work we do for our clients. In the day and age of social media, reputations are built and destroyed on the alter of anonymous online opinions.  It is now a financial imperative for companies to actively protect their public perception in addition to focusing on matters such as profits. 

Our solutions are realistic, comprehensive and tailored to your specific needs. By leveraging decades of know-how in both the public and private sectors, we deliver you a plan that works.  We define paradigm shifting solutions and don’t stop until our North Carolina clients succeed. 

We are a team of professionals with the expertise you need to face the next challenge, turn threats into strengths, and strengths into a decisive competitive edge. 


Our team

Jim Burton

Director of International Affairs and Policy Research

Jim Burton, B.A. Political Science is an accomplished  international political and corporate consultant who advises on policy and political affairs. Well-known as a sought after pollster, Burton is adept in the art opinion research who assists in evaluating and analyzing focus group results. For over two decades, he has worked with campaigns at the international, federal, and local levels, as well as for Fortune 500 companies in public affairs research, crisis management, and public policy with battles on a wide range of topics.  Burton was honored by Campaigns and Elections as a member of the best international campaign of 2014 for his work on the successful Panamanian Presidential election. He has worked in over forty states and thirty countries.  campaign staff and was selected by the United States House of Representatives’ Veterans Advisory Committee for two offices in Florida.

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